Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Avengers

As promised, here's an oldie, from a May 4th midnight show.  

The Avengers was wonderful!  Since I'm not an avid comic book reader (my love of the characters goes back to the old 1960s TV series, The Marvel Superheroes), I missed some of the "in" things that brought cheers and knowing chuckles from the audience; but it didn't matter.  And what a great audience - this is why I go to midnight shows. Even before the movie started, there was a resounding "Shh!" so that everyone could hear all the previews.  There was action, drama, comedy - all you could ask from a Marvel film.  Once in a while, the laughter would muffle a line; so I guess I'll just have to see it again, perhaps several times.  All the characters were perfect; and there were a few action surprises, especially involving the Hulk, that we're pulled off seamlessly.  As a bonus, the half of the audience who stayed through the credits was treated to probably the best post-credits scene ever.  Since the sneak peek of the next movie came early, it was obviously a gift for the folks who stayed. 

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