Friday, January 03, 2014

2013 Movie Visits

For the curious, here are my annual statistics for 2013:

176 visits to the movies (I don't count repeats)
105 current "regular" films (8 of them animated)
  71 "other" films
       15 Bollywood films
       11 short films or collections of short films (7 of them animated)
        7 documentaries
       27 classic films
       11 concerts/operas/stage productions

And which were my top 10?  It was hard to come up with this list, but these are the finalists.  They are listed from 1 to 10, but the ranking can vary, depending on my mood.

  1. Ways to Live Forever
  2. The Broken Circle Breakdown
  3. Warm Bodies
  4. Go Goa Gone
  5. Thor: The Dark World
  6. Wagner & Me
  7. Wadjda
  8. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag
  9. Midnight's Children
10. Frozen

Most fun - Go Goa Gone
Favorite documentary - Wagner & Me
Favorite Bollywood film - Go Goa Gone
Favorite animated film - Frozen
Worst movies of the year (a tie) - Man of Tai Chi and The Congress