Saturday, May 17, 2014


I laughed, I cried, so I must have enjoyed Godzilla.  It was certainly better than the awful 1998 version.  It had the essential requirements for a Godzilla movie: children in danger; a bus, of course full of children, on a bridge about to be destroyed; destruction of cities in Japan and the U.S.; an atomic bomb; and other monsters for Godzilla to battle.  Something was missing, though.  The acting was decent, the special effects were good, but something was still missing.  Oh, it was Godzilla!

The plot was confusing and had plenty of holes, and I was completely lost when the first radiation eating and EMP producing M.U.T.O. (Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organism) appeared.  "This can't be Godzilla.  It looks more like Alien," I thought.  A second monster appeared.  Still no Godzilla.  This time it was a female M.U.T.O., the first one being male.  Of course that meant that they would try to reproduce with the aid of an atomic bomb.

But wait, there must be something that can bring balance to the Force.  Oops, there's that pesky Star Wars again.  Yes, indeed, Godzilla does finally appear to battle the other monsters and; as Dr. Serizawa () said, return the balance to nature. 

The acting was OK.  was excellent.  As a matter of fact, he should have had a larger role, as should Godzilla.  Way too much time was spent on the M.U.T.O.s, time that could have gone to Godzilla and filling in plot holes.

I laughed at the plot holes, cried for Godzilla, and enjoyed my time at the early bird show in 2D for only $5.75.  I might not have enjoyed it so much if I had paid for an evening 3D IMAX show.

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